Interview: Bulgari Launches Mobile App For Interactive Campaign

For the debut of the latest collection of B.zero1 jewels, Bulgari launched an interactive web campaign in May dedicated to the bestselling collection.

The heart of the digital campaign consists of an experiential website built around a 3D video that guides the user through the B.zero1 world where users discover the new collection and the artist, Anish Kapoor. Download the iPhone app and other B.zero1 “goodies”, including screensavers and wallpapers, at

Bulgari iPhone app

In an area of the site called “The Experience”, Bulgari fans may leave a wish for the future that can be shared with friends via Facebook and other social media websites. With each new message, a point of light is added to a digital sculpture. The evolution of this collaborative sculpture, along with all wishes, may be seen on the website.

We talked with BVLGARI on the goals for the campaign.

Macala Wright: Who is the app target towards? Luxury consumers, aspirational customers, men, women?

BVLGARI: With the B.zero1 iPhone app, and with the B.zero1 campaign in general, Bulgari wanted to reach out to our existing customers and brand enthusiasts who are spending more and more time online and on their mobiles. We also wanted to reach out to other people, men and women, who appreciate luxury, but may not know Bulgari very well or may perceive Bulgari to be “distant”.

Bulgari iPhone App

MW: Why did Bulgari want to create this app, was it to reach a broader audience much like Burberry Art of the Trench?

BVLGARI:: We wanted to create a greater level of brand engagement and interaction with people in a coherent, connected way across all of our online communication channels – website, Facebook,YouTube and Twitter. We felt that this campaign – celebrating our iconic jewellery collection and in collaboration with contemporary artist, Anish Kapoor, who is renowned for curved forms and reflective surfaces – provided rich material for an intriguing and fun iPhone app.
Bulgari Mobile App

BVLGARI:: How has Bulgari’s digital campaign effected the brand thus far – positive reception, broader brand awareness, engagement?

BVLGARI: It is still too early to fully understand the effect of the campaign on the brand. However, we are happy with the indications so far – the number of visits to our website, the level of participation in the interactive digital “Wish Sculpture”, where people have been leaving messages and sharing with friends & family, as well as the amount of positive feedback on our official page on Facebook.

Luxury Mobile App

FMM Verdict: I love the “experience” of that the Bulgari apps gives the user. For a luxury brand app, it’s much more engaging and “social” than previous luxury brands’ attempts at creating application. I think the Bulgari app goes to show that luxury can approachable while aspirational and social without losing that mystique that a luxury brand is built on. This app just replaced the Hermes app as the one luxury branded app on my iPhone.

I’m going a step further and filing the Bulgari app under “digital pretty”; I will definitely employ it’s use while shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills or in the luxury wing of South Coast Plaza. Enjoy the app and the video.

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