Nike Women’s Make Yourself Campaign

Nike's Make Yourself: Allyson FelixNike's Make Yourself: Julia MancusoNike's Make Yourself: Monica Byrne-WickeyNike's Make Yourself: Li NaNike's Make Yourself: Sofia Boutella

We love positive reinforcement and message of living life to the fullest.

Nike’s latest Social Media Campaign is targeted towards athletic women who want to improve their lives and reach their goals.

The campaign stars some high-powered athletes like USA Track & Field Olympian Allyson Felix, American surfer Monica Byrne-Wickey, American skier Julia Mancuso, Dutch footballer Anouk Hoogendijk, Chinese tennis player Li Na, and Algerian French dancer Sofia Boutella.

This diverse group of female athletes is featured on Nike’s website, the Nike Women Facebook page, and in severalonline video ads.

The ads feature behind-the-scene info about their workout routines, eating habits and motivations — demonstrating that these women weren’t just born with amazing muscles and athletic grace, and they had to work hard to get their bodies to where they are now.

Being women, these athletes also had to overcome some big obstacles and adversities and are definitely beautiful, healthy and strong role models to look up when thinking about our everyday lives, workout routines, and aspirations. Here’s to positive reinforcement marketing.

Original Source: Fashionablymarketing by Stephanie Kwak on 11/18/2010


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