Fashion Coordinator Job Description

fashion coordinator must possess fashion flair, an awareness of fashion trends and marketing savvy. Fashion coordinators line-up outfits for fashion events including runway shows, model shoots, and fashion promotions. Accessorizing these outfits is part of thejob. Fashion shows and magazines both showcase the work of fashion coordinators.

    Job Duties

  1. Keeping in mind rising trends, target market and event purpose; fashion coordinators select outfits, create presentation order and match all details of what will be shown; including jewelry, bags and shoes. Attention to detail is critical.
  2. Fashion Stylists

  3. Referred to as “fashion stylists,” some coordinators create “looks” for photography sessions. Project directors, such as agents or photographers, hire stylists who then coordinate wardrobe with hair and makeup. Putting across an artistic concept is the goal.
  4. Store Coordinators

  5. Fashion coordinators employed by stores organize fashion events including promotions, shows and community outreach. When organizations borrow clothing for fashion events, they do so through the store coordinator. Special event scheduling passes through the same coordinator. Along with coordinating outfits for in-store shows, coordinators hire models, conduct rehearsals and format the show.
  6. Media Coordinators

  7. Fashion coordinators also work within the media. They make clothing selections for on-air personalities, actively developing the celebrity’s public persona. They secure wardrobe from designers and retailers for celebrity clients, giving recognition to their sources in return.
  8. Background

  9. Fashion coordinators usually come from retail or styling backgrounds. They possess an eye for fashion and the ability to present style in a fresh original manner. They understand trends and what motivates consumers to buy.
  10. Purpose

  11. Sales are the bottom line. Being in touch with consumer demand and aware of rising trends is crucial. The job is almost always about selling product.
  12. Opportunity

  13. Fashion coordinator positions are most likely to occur in larger metropolitan districts where shopping malls and specialty boutiques are plentiful. Moving to such an area increases chances for working at this profession.

Original Source: ehow By Kieve Kavanaugh, eHow Contributor


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