Fashion Show Party Invitation Ideas

  1. Put the kids in the spotlight with a fashion show party.
    Put the kids in the spotlight with a fashion show party.

    fashion show birthday party allows the guests to dress up in the latest fashions for lots of dress up fun. The glitz and glamor of a real life fashion show translates well to a kids’ birthday party. Set the tone for the fashion party with themed invitations. Making your own invitations saves money and allows you to personalize the announcements.

  2. Runway

  3. The runway is a key element to any fashion show. Make the invitation look like a runway for a fitting party announcement. Cut a long rectangle from black or red card stock. Use glitter glue to make dots along either edge for a sparkling border. Write the party details along the runway using a gel pen. A silver gel pen on black card stock shows up very well. Include a heading like “We want you to walk the runway.”
  4. Dress

  5. A dress cutout also works well for the fashion show theme. Choose a stylish silhouette for the dress invitation. Using a template of the dress shape helps make all of the invitations identical. Add accents to the front of the dress such as glitter, sequins, beads or feathers. Write all of the party details on the back side of the invitation. Fashion a hanger for the dress out of floral wire or a paper clip for an extra accent.
  6. Mirror

  7. Every runway model needs a well-lit mirror. Cut out rectangle shapes for the party invitations. Glue a piece of aluminum foil or silver foil wrapping paper onto the rectangle to create the mirror. Use a paper punch to make small circles from yellow paper to create the light bulbs. Glue them all the way around the perimeter of the mirror. Add the party details on the mirror in red permanent marker to resemble lip stick writing on a mirror.
  8. Backstage Pass

  9. A backstage pass gives the guests the VIP treatment for the fashion show party. Cut out a rectangle for each backstage pass. Include all of the party details on the pass. If you have access to each child’s picture, glue it onto the backstage passes. Glue or tape a long loop of ribbon to the back side of the backstage pass to the guests can wear them like the real thing.
  10. Ticket

  11. A ticket offers a similar invitation idea for the fashion show party. Print all of the details onto gold or silver paper. Cut the invitations into rectangles. Cut off the corners using a rounded cut to make them resemble a real event ticket. Add instruction on the fashion show party ticket to bring it along to be admitted to the event.

Original source: eHow By Shelley Frost, eHow Contributor


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