Fashion Show Party Themes

  1. Your guests will be the models at your fashion show themed party.
    Your guests will be the models at your fashion show themed party.

    According to iStylista, fashion shows have been around since the 1800s when they were called “fashion parades.” Today, television shows dedicate themselves to fashion and the runway show while charity organizations also use them as fundraisers. The fashion-show-themed party will let you and your friends have their own moment on the catwalk and share their personal style at the same time.

  2. Oscar Night

  3. The Oscars are filled with glamorous gowns, shiny jewels and up-swept hairstyles. Invite your guests to “put on the Ritz” by doing the same thing. Have them bring extra gowns, gloves and jewelery that to share with others. Let each participant choose from the available items to model as their favorite Hollywood glamour star. Roll out red material as your carpet, and use lighting and music to create a classy mood. Toast your finale with champagne flutes.
  4. Beach Bash

  5. Even if it’s snowing outside, warm things up inside with a beach bash. Each guest can model several outfits that she would enjoy wearing at the beach. Choose from sundresses, bathing suits, capris and tank tops or similar beach attire. They may even start with modeling a sundress but have a bathing suit ready underneath to be shown. Drape hula skirts from the discount stores along the floor as your runway. Use tropical decor and island music to set the mood and finish with frozen island drinks and tasty fruits.
  6. Decade Divas

  7. The decades from the ’20s to the ’80s were all unique in their fashion imprints. Give your guests a choice of which decade they would like to emulate, and let them display the most unique fashions from it down the runway. For example, the ’50s will have poodle skirts and beehive hairstyles, the ’60s introduced the hippy-chick and the ’80s will have lace gloves and multi-colored hair. Play a game to see who knows which decade each outfit displays, and hand out prizes of corresponding items from that era. To add more fun, try to have distinct decade music played for each participant as he walks the catwalk.
  8. She-Cats in Hats

  9. Hats are a fun and simple way to create fashion for your show!
    Hats are a fun and simple way to create fashion for your show!

    A simple, yet fun way to play with fashion is with hats. This theme will focus solely on what goes on your head, so the rest of your attire will be pure black. In fact, if your guests own catsuits and black leotards, it’s even more fun. Before your party, have each guest decorate her favorite hat (or hats) for the big day. Let guests know that there will be a contest for the best one chosen by the audience, and have them parade around the room for applause. The most outrageous hat is usually the crowd-pleaser. Decorate the walls with inexpensive hats or cutouts shaped like hats. Look for tiny hat-shaped bowls to fill with snacks and drinks.

  10. Jungle Babys

  11. For a roar of a party, have your guests dress in jungle attire. Each can choose from tropical or animal print clothing. For more fun, have them arrive in advance and do jungle girl makeup on each other for a “tribal feel.” Play congo-style music as they walk the catwalk, and use big paper lantern style hanging lights for decor. Snack on nuts and fruits. Cut out big tropical leaves from construction paper to scatter on the floor as your runway.

Original Source: eHow by Kathy Deringer, eHow Contributor


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