How to Begin a Fashion Show Producer Career

Need tips to become a fashion show producer?

If you’ve thought of travelling to the four corners of the earth to produce fashion shows for celebrated designers and their modeling muses, then a career as a fashion show producer is your dream job.

From taking courses at notable fashion schools to learning skills to create a high-fashion show from an established crew of seasoned fashion professionals, you can begin your amazing fashion show producer career easily.

Here’s to the fabulous life of fashion and your new career as a fashion show producer.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You’ll Need:

  • fashion training
  • apprenticeship with a fashion show producer
  • fashion show training
  • courses in fashion marketing and fashion production
  1. 1

    Fashion Show Producer

    Fashion Show Producer

    Become a student of the fashion show game. If you don’t know a red-soled Louboutin from a Louis Vuitton $2200 Spicy sandal, you need a crash course on shoe designers and the fashion industry. Before you imagine yourself producing fashion shows for rock stars, socialites, fashion editors and couture collectors, you need an eye for fashion and a fashion education filled with important and critically-acclaimed designer names… and knowledge of their clothing and accessories.

  2. 2

    Take a few fashion courses. Enroll at your local fashion school for training as a fashion show producer. If you cannot travel to New York to enroll at Parsons or the Fashion Institute of Technology, take classes at your local trade school for fashion industry knowledge. A few sewing classes, fashion-inspired art classes and basic fashion illustration courses will help you take your career as a fashion show producer to the next level.

  3. 3

    Become an assistant to the fashion show producer. The path to fashion show production varies: You could have a background in public relations or spent time as a former high-fashion model. Whatever the career path you choose to become a fashion show producer get an internship with a notable fashion show production company to learn the fashion ropes.

    Need to do some fashion show producer research? Celebrated fashion show production doyenne and former Ebony Fashion Fair Commentator, Audrey Smaltz owns a NY-based fashion show production company that originated the idea of professional backstage management for fashion shows. Visit her website GroundCrew (see resources below) to basque in some of her 30 plus years of fashion production experience.

  4. 4

    Create your own fashion show. Contact a fashion school in your area or a local high school and volunteer to produce a fashion show. Create fliers asking for aspiring stylists, fashion designers and fashion models to lend their skills to your first fashion show. If you are feeling charitable donate your fashion production skills to a non profit organization looking for a volunteer fashion producer for a a fundraising event.

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