How to build a Fashion Portfolio Online

How to create a online portfolio quick and easy!
Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • Resume
  • Portfolio (One that you can carry around)
  • Best work pictures(to showcase in website)
  • A Website (
  1. 1

    First you want to gather all your material together resume, about you, contact information, what you offer and pictures of your work. Create ways to be creative on your online portfolio find ways to express yourself through your work. Keep in mind not to clutter online portfolio with information but be brief with your words. Pick your very best work to go online pick pictures that are your best to show off. This will show the viewer your skills and talents.

  2. 2

    Next step would be to create your website. Its many web sites that you can choose from, my favorite is or you can try, Go daddy charge a fee to maintain their services, but and are free to create a website. Take advantage of this it will save you money! Once you have a website created begin putting all your materials you gathered and put them into use on your new website if you go with the web sites I mention they will walk you through it, its easy.

  3. 3

    Now that you have created your online portfolio you can show your skills and experience to clients, employers, free lancers and much more. Note it is very important to have a hand portfolio as while to show off, you want both online and offline portfolios to show. Now you are ready to show viewers your skills!

    Tips & Warnings

    • Always show your best work in your portfolio note my professor taught me to show my best work last in my portfolio save the very best for last!
    • Note don’t clutter your website with scattered information.

Original Source: eHow By proverbs, eHow Member

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