How to Create a Fashion Marketing Presentation Portfolio

You may have completed your fashion marketing study and have gained some experience in the industry, but landing the perfect job in fashion marketing requires more than just knowledge and experience—it requires an attention-getting fashion marketing presentation portfolio. Your portfolio contains samples of your work, so that potential employers don’t merely read about your knowledge and experience, but can see the products of that knowledge and experience.

Difficulty: Moderate


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    Make it easy for potential employers to get through your fashion marketing presentation portfolio. Don’t clutter the pages of your online or printed portfolio with multiple marketing designs. In an online portfolio, make the main page an introduction to your work and an overview of your portfolio with thumbnails that link to your resume and your larger versions of your marketing designs. In printed portfolios, include only one item per page and lay out your portfolio so that your introduction and resume come first, followed by each individual design in your portfolio.

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    Study the employer’s employment notice to figure out what type of marketing experience the employer needs. Tailor your portfolio for those needs. If you have experience in both hand-drawn marketing sheets and computer-generated advertisements, but the company mentions only computer-programs in the employment notice, leave any work by hand out of the portfolio and focus on your computer experience.

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    Be aware of the employer’s fashion line. If the work in your portfolio is exclusively geared toward sports apparel and the company at which you are seeking employment makes formal wear, your presentation portfolio won’t be a good fit at the company. Try to use only the marketing pieces that you have created that show experience that is in line with the company’s designs.

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    Show the extent of your experience. While keeping in line with the potential employer’s fashion line, you must show your diverse experience as well by including a variety of materials that you helped create throughout school and during any work experiences. If you have created marketing cards for a fashion line, brochures, one-sheets and designed pages for magazines, include an example of all of these pieces to demonstrate your ability in multiple areas.

    Tips & Warnings

    • The Find Your Art School fashion marketing portfolio tips recommend laminating the pieces in your printed portfolio. This way, the portfolio can be viewed multiple times with minimal damage.

Original Source: ehow By Alexis Lawrence, eHow Contributor

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