How to Make a Fashion Show Program

There are many tasks involved in planning a fashion show. Learn how to make a fashion show program that will inform and entertain guests who attend this event.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You’ll Need:

  • Blank CD-R
  • Model photos
  • Clothing photos
  1. 1

    Designate pages for Fashion Show Sponsors. While the fashion show program should have engaging content for readers, set aside a few pages for sponsors or local advertisers. This is one of the most widely used fashion show fundraising ideas for community organizations. The amount of room and pages selected should coincide with the amount of funds that need to be raise at your fashion show. Readers may be more interested in the advertisements if they are related to your event in one way or another. That still does not mean advertisements for construction companies or pizza restaurants should be passed on when you make a fashion show program.

  2. 2

    Collect feature articles on participating models. Fashion models are some of the most popular professionals in their industry. Add editorial features on specific models when planning to make a fashion show program. The articles should be focused on models who are participating in your event. As a host, you can write these articles or designate a staff member to complete them. If you are planning the fashion show fundraising event for a larger organization, hire professional freelance writers to produce the feature articles.

  3. 3

    Interview designers participating in the fashion show. Once you plan to make a fashion show program with articles, include at least one interview on select designers. Publishing interviews with fashion designers can give potential customers a better understanding of their clothing or accessories. It also helps event attendees find out where they can purchase certain clothing outside of the fashion show.

  4. 4

    Include a letter about the organization’s mission. Many fashion show program booklets include a small paragraph about the organizer or the host and his or her affiliated group. Take this to another level and create a letter explaining the purpose for your event. The letter can be placed anywhere in your fashion show program but can get more attention on the inside cover or first page. Letters can be helpful if you are hosting a fashion show fundraising event and need donations all year round. Allow a logo or photograph to accompany the letter, making it more authentic.

Tips & Warnings

  • Visit a printing store and get your fashion show program layouts duplicated and put into booklet form. They can resemble a magazine but newspaper styles are also popular if you cannot afford magazine style printing.
  • When you make a fashion show program, add a brief biography for each judge if he or she is well known in the community.

Original Source: eHow By msnicole, eHow Member


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