Ideas for Fashion Shows

  1. A girl posing on the runway.
    A girl posing on the runway.

    Fashion shows are about more than just the clothes on the models. Fashion shows are about the theatrics of it all, the show itself. When planning a show you need to create a complete concept and use the smaller details to exude your theme and color scheme.

  2. Themes

  3. Choose a theme for your fashion show. If you have a distinct look or theme for the collection being shown, then go with this. If not, choose a color scheme, time period and general mood or feeling you would like your guests to walk away with. Make sure every detail follows your mood, time period and color scheme once you’ve decided on these factors.
  4. Confetti and Fireworks

  5. Shoot off fireworks at the end of the show for an outdoor runway. Let confetti fall from the ceiling or be shot out of confetti guns during the show or at the end for a big finale.
  6. Fundraiser

  7. Make the fashion show into a fundraiser. Charge for admission and then sell the clothes seen on the runway. Donate the proceeds to a church, children’s organization or non-profit, or fund a community service project.
  8. Video Screens

  9. Set up large video screens on each side of the runway. Have the screens show live footage of the runway as the models walk down so everyone can see the fashions, no matter where they might be sitting. Use the screens to show behind-the-scenes footage before the show begins or footage of the designer working on the pieces as the piece comes down the runway on a model.
  10. Decorations

  11. Roll out a carpet for guests to walk down as they arrive. A red carpet is customary, but you can choose any color or design to make it coordinate with the collection being shown. Put plush seat covers on the chairs so your guests are comfortable during the show.

Original Source: eHow By Dialogue Queen , eHow Contributor

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