Job Description for a Fashion Retailer

The fashion retail industry centers on the process of selling merchandise to consumers through various retail outlets. This profession coordinates regularly with fashion buyers in order to determine the quantity of merchandise that a buyer has to purchase for the retail store. Thejob of a fashion retailer, therefore, is to assess which pieces a fashion buyer will be choosing from a fashion line and then decide how many should be stocked on the shelves and display racks.

    Nature of Work

  1. Fashion retailers and buyers work together consistently in assuring the smooth success of a retail outlet’s business. When buyers decide which merchandise to order for the store’s next collection, fashion retailers must demonstrate a working knowledge of stock inventory and experience in acquiring profitable items for the store. In addition to coordinating with fashion buyers, retailers must also negotiate with suppliers and stakeholders and meet with designers and manufacturers in order to fully collaborate in the overall success of the company.
  2. Required Credentials

  3. A four-year degree in fashion merchandising is recommended. Other ideal disciplines to succeed as a fashion retailer are business programs, such as merchandise planning and sales, which are vital in helping to further understand and analyze the market. In addition, initial work experience as an intern or retail sales assistant is highly recommended in order to grasp firsthand experience in this sector of the fashion industry.
  4. Job Outlook

  5. Considering that clothing, accessories and general merchandise are relatively the largest employers within the United States, many fashion retailers are employed each year. Because department stores, high-end fashion boutiques and clothing chain stores continue to expand, there are a generous amount of jobs available for those aspiring to become a fashion retailer. Also, manufacturers have been known to hire fashion retailers as well for the purpose of monitoring the success of retail store profits.
  6. Career Path

  7. A successful fashion retailer may have the opportunity in getting promoted to the title of associate merchandising manager and then to merchandising manager, which may ultimately lead to general merchandising manager.

Original Source: eHow By Lauren Baluyo, eHow Contributor


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