About Fashion Stylists

Do you ever wonder why celebrities always seem to be perfectly put together? Most likely, they’re not superhuman—but they probably do have a fashion stylist. You see the work of fashion stylists in your everyday life—who could forget Jennifer Lopez’s green almost-dress at the 2008 Grammys? But fashion stylists must have much more than a passion for fashion if they plan to succeed.


  • Fashion stylists are exactly what they sound like—professionals who determine what look their clients, often celebrities or other public figures, will display to the world. This usually includes the entire look, from hair to shoes. Fashion stylists can be considered personal shoppers as well as image consultants. Some are even called trendsetters among the style elite. Besides styling individuals, they also work on movies, television shows, print (like magazines) and even advertisements.
  • Expert Insight

  • If you’re looking for a job as a fashion stylist, find a position as an apprentice, recommends career counselor Susan Miller. This involves working as an intern (or assistant) with an established stylist. Most apprentices work for about two years before taking their own clients, she says. While there are no degree requirements, taking classes in fashion and design can help you create a portfolio. Apprenticeships also offer networking opportunities.
  • Features

  • Fashion stylists know garment construction and fabrics.
    Fashion stylists know garment construction and fabrics.

    Stylists must keep up with current trends and have a natural sense of style—an eye for what works. They should understand garment construction as well as fabrics. Since most are considered independent contractors, stylists are also often their own managers. That means they must be able to handle the business side of their chosen career in addition to the creative side. This can include time management, marketing and sales.

  • History

  • Fashion stylists must know their history.
    Fashion stylists must know their history.

    Not only do fashion stylists need to be forward thinking, but they must also be knowledgeable about the history of fashion trends. Fashion trends have a way of repeating themselves throughout the decades. Clients also refer to certain looks by the decade during which they flourished. Additionally, stylists working with film directors, advertisers and in other professional situations must dress models and actors in period garb as needed.

  • Warning

  • If you’re considering a career as a fashion stylist, be aware that it’s an incredibly competitive field. Even getting an apprenticeship can be difficult. Until you’re well-established, work can be sporadic, making survival difficult if this is your only income source. Working stylists can make anywhere from $150 to $200 per work day ($35,000 per year) to $1,500 per day for well-established professionals.
  • Original Source: eHow By Angela Atkinson, eHow Contributor

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