10 Facebook Best Practice for Brands on Social Network Marketing

Social Network Facebook Marketing

With Facebook that continue to grow as one of the social marketing, here are the top 10 Facebook best practice Facebook marketing for branding marketing on social network media.

Lets admit it, Facebook now become one of the great tool for social network marketing, from conversation, building community or even find the latest industry news. That’s why you can several brand run their marketing campaign on Facebook, from celebrities, athletes, or even the brand’s competitor. But having an Facebook profile doesn’t mean you’re a master of social media marketing. You need to learn about the art of Facebook marketing.

For brands, there’s an art to using Facebook. And just like the most art, most of the successfulmarketing campaign follow an unwritten set of rules. But there are 10 important practices of Facebook marketing for brand to follow. Here are the lessons that we have learned :

  • Do you research before engaging customers
  • Determine the marketing campaign goals
  • Utilize either a branded or personal profile
  • Build your Facebook equity and credibility
  • Track metrics and conversation trends
  • Don’t go overboard, less structure is better
  • Listen and observe before engaging
  • Be authentic and believable
  • Track, measure and iterate
  • Don’t just strategize, Execute!

Last word, there are no success recipe for social network marketing. After all, its all about conversation, and when it comes to marketing, it also mean being flexible and be experimentalist.

Source: InvisiblePr.com


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