How to Organize a Fashion Show

Location! Location! Location! Where will the fashion show be held? Who is it for? Define the demographics of your audience. Choose models with some theatre or dance background so they will have a sense of quick changes and choreography.

Understand that no-one wants to fold and clean up after the models so budget a little something and hire a wardrobe person. Do not let it become a popularity contest. Maintain your authority as the director.

Rehearse the entire show with a stop-watch and iron will. They will hate you at the moment, but love you later, after a beautifully produced, on-time show.

No backstage visitors. Each person has a different sense of privacy and should be respected. Maybe your closest friend really doesn’t want to have your favorite Uncle backstage for a quick hello, while she is dressing or undressing.

Is it invitation only, or being promoted to the general public? Are sales going to be part of the aftermath, then get a credit card machine. Have a program with contact numbers so the designers or stores you are promoting won’t lose precious connections made during the show.

List the models, if they wanted to, they could use this as an opportunity to photo-shoot their own portfolios. Welcome new photographers, you never know what talent could come through the door. it’s very glamorous to have throngs of photographers at the show.

Expect flowers at the end of the show, you who did all the mental agonizing for weeks or possible months. Drop hints so that someone will get them for you, it will cause a “stir”.
Teach the catwalk. It throws the hips and gives the models something to think about during the presentation. Teach ATTITUDE, it’s very stylish to pout, and act spoiled.

Play good music. Can’t make up your mind? Don’t. Let each participant choose a song or piece of music so that they can feel like the show belongs to them too. Have a local DJ participate, blend the classical music with the pop, keep it active, two different people speaking can hold an audiences attention better than one. Can’t pay the DJ? Give the DJ a full-page ad in the program.

Have fun, fashion drives a major industry of young spenders, and wealthy older gals with disposable income, we all know what that means…P.S. Nothing turns off older, well-monied women like profane language. Do not use it, it isn’t cute, and you will undermine your best efforts by offending the ladies with the cash.

Source: by Peggy Molloy


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