Fashion Tip! – How to Plan a Fashion Show

Karolina Kurkova Model Karolina Kurkova walks the runway during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show held at the Kodak Theatre on November 16, 2006 in Hollywood, California. The show will be broadcast December 5, 2006 on CBS.

A fashion show can be a great way to raise money for charity or to promote the clothing that you sell at your place of business.  Fashion shows are fun for those participating and those watching alike.  But if you’ve never organized a fashion show before, it may seem overwhelming.  Don’t worry, if you take things step by step, you’ll be well on your way to organizing your own fashion show.

[1.] Reserve a venue.

The first thing you need is a place to have your fashion show.  This can be almost anywhere, depending on your goals.  You don’t need a raised catwalk to have a good fashion show.  You could use a bolt of fabric as a “red carpet effect” or even just tape out your models’ path with masking tape.  Your venue could be anything from your place of business to a park to the local high school auditorium.  Just make sure you have a solid date so you will be able to advertise.

[2.] Find some models.

Steps two and three might flip flop depending on what you have.  If you own a business that sells dresses, you will likely want to find models before dresses, since it’s likely that you will have access to many different styles and sizes of the clothing you want to show anyway.  Casting models first allows you to get the looks of the girls you want all lined up.  Models can be anything from paid professionals to local girls to somewhere in between.  You can probably find a lot of interested girls just through your network of people in the town, but if not radio and newspaper ads may find some – you can try putting in an announcement at the local high school as well.

[3.] Choose your clothing.

If you are running a fashion show for a charity, you will likely have to select the dresses you want in the show from your stock first, and then look for models who will fit those dresses (or other clothes).  If you have more leeway than that, though, try to select dresses that will move well when they are walked in, that have colors that will look great under lights, and that show a variety of the stock you offer.

The last thing to do is to prepare and set the mood for your fashion show.  Advertise like there is no tomorrow, especially in and around the high school.  If you are having the show at your place of business, try offering a sale to bring in more potential customers.  Add some great music, and don’t forget to have fun!

Source: by Aisling Ash


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