The Challenge 2010: Mod 1/Day 2 – Finding Niche Ideas. Part 2

Coming Up With Ideas – In Day 2 of Module 1, Brent from Market Samurai covers how to get started thinking about ideas for your chosen niche for The Challenge.Firstly, Brent reviews what was covered on day one, which was the hierarchy Market, Niche and Micro Niche. Giving examples, Brent demonstrates how the hierarchy works and how you can easily do this yourself using keyword variations, starting with the main or top level market keywords and adding variations to bring it down to a micro niche level.To get cracking on coming up with some ideas for your niche, Brent demonstrates using online sources for niche ideas that you can start using right now, like Amazon or Google. Using you can go to the magazines section of the website, and drill down into various categories, and then sub-categories. With Google’s Search-based Keyword Tool, follow Brent’s instructions to see the top keywords across all categories which allows you to browse markets and niches that Google knows about.Action For The Day – Identify seven market or niche ideas that you will be investigating further in The Challenge.Handy Tip – Keep a notepad or something similar with you at all times and write down your ideas for markets or niches as you find them. You can get ideas from book stores, eBay, the Yellow Pages and many. many more.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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