The Challenge 2010: Module 1/Day 3 Part 2 – Phrase and Broad Match

Traffic and Competition.Understanding the Broad/Phrase Match Paradox.Two of the most important concepts related to Internet Marketing are traffic and competition. In today’s lesson, Dr Anthony explains how these two key factors are understood by the use of both broad and phrase match data, as well as defining what the two forms of data are.Dr Anthony explains how Google stores data about keywords and phrases entered into the search engine, and how over time Google is able to make estimates of how many times a day those keywords and phrases are searched for. This allows us to make estimates of how much daily traffic we can potentially receive to our websites if we are targeting those keywords and phrases. These traffic estimates come in the form of ‘exact’ match, ‘phrase’ match, and ‘broad’ match.Using an example, Dr Anthony explains in clear terms, the differences between the results of exact, phrase and broad matching and the short, medium and long term traffic potential of each respectively. Using the different traffic estimates provided by each set of data, you are able evaluate the future traffic potential of a keyword or phrase in various time frames.When it comes to traffic, we focus on the broad match data. Broad match traffic estimates are used in The Challenge to estimate traffic for keyword phrases, as it’s the long term traffic potential that is the most relevant when deciding which keyword phrases to target for your niche.When it comes to competition, we focus on the phrase match data, which is your keyword phrase enclosed in quotation marks. Phrase match data (keyword phrases enclosed in quotation marks), is used in The Challenge when evaluating the competition of a keyword phrase. If searching in Google using broad match (no enclosing quotation marks), the competition results returned are not as relevant to that keyword phrase as many of the results simply contain the words in the phrase somewhere on the page in no particular order or relevancy.When searching in Google using phrase match (quotation marks), the competition results returned are relevant to that keyword phrase because the sites specifically mention the exact phrase. When starting any new website, we start by looking at the specific (phrase match) competition. By analyizing and outranking the specific competition, you’ll often see an improvement in your broad match competition as well.Action For The Day – The main thing that you should take away from today’s lesson is to understand the concept of what we mean when we refer to traffic and competition on the internet. When you look at traffic, you look at broad match data, and when you look at competition, you look at phrase match data.

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