The Challenge 2010: Module 1/Day 4 Part 2 – Theme and Category Keywords

Finding Theme and Category Keywords.Evaluating Your Niche Ideas – Today is the day you begin to evaluate your niche ideas. Using Market Samurai, you will evaluate each niche and try to identify suitable theme and category keywords you can move forward with. Before you start today’s lesson make sure you have Market Samurai installed so you can follow along.Dr Anthony introduces the concept of theme and category keywords that you can use as a framework for constructing your website. As defined by Dr Anthony, theme keywords are keywords that describe the overall theme of your website, and category keywords are keywords that describe different categories of information contained in your website. In the context of The Challenge, the characteristics required of both types of keywords are good levels of traffic and acceptable levels of competition.Dr Anthony demonstrates how to create a new project in Market Samurai using a seed keyword, and then drilling down from there to find niche and micro niche level keywords.When getting to the Analyze Keywords step in the process, it is critically important when evaluating your potential niches to follow The Challenge set filter criteria. Dr Anthony explains what each filter is and why it is used. The Challenge Filters are as follows: The SEO Traffic Filter gets set to 80, the Phrase to Broad Match filter gets set to 15%, and the SEO Competition Filter gets set to 30,000.Dr Anthony demonstrates how to find and apply the filters inside Market Samurai, then run the analysis. For the purposes of The Challenge, the goal here is to find a niche that has at least 3 to 4 phrases to work with, preferably more. Out of these keyword phrases, one will become your theme keyword for your site.Actions For The Day – Using the steps outlined in today’s video, research and identify at least 3 niche ideas that meet The Challenge criteria that you can move forward with.Handy Tip – Finding your 3 niches can sometimes be tricky, but it is essential to stick to The Challenge filters set and not alter the numbers. The filters have been set based on extensive testing and they work. You have plenty of time to research niche ideas until you find 3 that meet the criteria. Perseverence is the key.

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