The Challenge 2010: Module 1/Day 5 Part 2 – SEO Competition

Understanding SEO CompetitionToday is all about understanding the basics of SEO competition and what we mean when we talk about SEO competition in relation to the search engines. We’ll be looking at the two most important aspects of SEO competition and introduce you to the SEO Competition Module in Market Samurai.One of the best ways to get traffic to your website is getting your website on the front page of Google, but there are only 10 results on the front page for every keyword phrase. To rank better than your competition for your keyword phrase, you need to have better SEO on your site than your competition.The two important aspects of SEO competition are the amount of SEO competition and the strength of the SEO competition. The first aspect, the amount of SEO competition, looks at how many people are competing for a keyword phrase (covered on Day 3). Some keyword phrases will have high phrase match competition and some will have low. The second aspect of SEO competition, the strength of the SEO competition, looks at the sites on the front page of Google individually and evaluates their overall SEO strength.The main cause of people failing to create a website that ranks well, is not taking the time to assess the SEO competition for the keyword phrase they are targeting and blindly creating content that is not SEO optimized. You should only choose keywords where you have a good chance of ranking well and where the SEO competition is not too strong.Using Market Samurai’s SEO Competition Module, Dr Anthony demonstrates how to correctly assess the strength of your SEO competition. The SEO Competition module is one of Market Samurai’s most powerful features. Using it, Market Samurai conducts real time SEO analysis of the top 10 websites in Google for the keyword phrase you’re investigating, creating an SEO matrix.The SEO Matrix will be covered in depth in future lessons, but for today’s lesson, Dr Anthony demonstrates how to simplify the matrix and to look at five key factors that you can use to assess your competition. The five key factors are Page Rank (PR), Page Backlinks (BLP), Yahoo Directory listing (YAH), Keyword in Title (Title), and Keyword in URL (URL). Dr Anthony provides a brief explanation of each key factor and how to easily read them in the SEO Matrix.Actions For The Day – 1. Get familiar with the SEO Competition Module in Market Samurai and practice turning columns on and off in the SEO Matrix to look at the 5 key SEO factors. 2. Create a simple table that contains the 3 niches you’re exploring and a list of the keyword phrases that have met the criteria so far.Handy Tip – Do not attempt to explore the SEO Matrix any further than outlined by Dr Anthony today. The SEO Matrix is very powerful, but only if correctly used and interpreted. Wait for the lessons that will cover it in detail to avoid any confusion.

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