The Challenge 2010: Module 1/Day 6 – SEO Matrix Analysis

SEO Matrix Analysis.Today is about looking at the strength of your SEO competition in further detail for each of the niches you’re researching by using the SEO Matrix found in Market Samurai’s SEO Competition Module.While very powerful, the SEO Matrix can be overwhelming without a solid understanding of how it works and what the results mean. Today’s lesson details what each of the column headings found in the SEO Matrix mean, how to assess the strength of your SEO competition using the results of the analysis, and how to then use that information to see if your chosen niches meet The Challenge criteria.Following on from yesterday’s introduction of the SEO Competition Module in Market Samurai, Dr Anthony provides a more in depth explanation of the 5 key factors used in the SEO Matrix. First we have Page Rank (PR), which is Google’s measure of authority, ranking a website out of a PR range of 0 – 10. Second is Page Backlinks (BLP), which shows the number of backlinks to the specific page listed in the rankings. Third is Yahoo Directory listing (YAH), which is a paid directory which can have a significant impact on ranking but not something we suggest you need to do when you’re just starting out. Next is Keyword in Title (Title), which shows if the ranking page has the keyword phrase in the title of the page. Finally, is Keyword in URL (URL), which shows whether the page has the keyword phrase somewhere in the url for that page.Using examples, Dr Anthony takes you through the process of interpreting the SEO Matrix and the 5 key factors. Take note that this is not an exact science and the better you understand how these variables all work together, the better you will be able to interpret the data. Dr Anthony shows you how to identify weak competitors in the SEO Matrix, with the goal being to find at least one weak competitor in the top 10 results for the keyword phrase you’re targeting. Obviously, the more weak competitors you find the better.Market Samurai does a lot of the hard work in finding weak competitors for you. For the purposes of The Challenge, the rule of thumb for a weak competitor is finding a complete row of green in the SEO Matrix. This means that the PR will be less than 3, the BLP will be less than 200, the YAH listing will be No, and the Title and URL will not be optimized.As you get used to interpreting this data, you should start to look beyond the colors and start to evaluate the data numbers instead. In reality what you’re looking for is as many results in the top 10 that have a low PR, a low number BLP, no YAH listing and no keyword phrase in the Title or URL.Action For The Day – Review each of your niches and use the SEO Competition Module in Market Samurai to explore the strength of the competition associated with each of your theme keywords. If you can find at least one weak competitor then your niche passes the SEO competition criteria.

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