The Challenge 2010: Module 1/Day 7 – Commercial Indicators

The seventh and final lesson for Module One deals with using the search engines creatively to find out if people are making money in the micro-niches you’re investigating. GuruBob takes you through the steps involved and also provides a wrap up of what has been covered in Module One.The third and final stage of the keyword and market research process is looking for commercial indicators. You need to make sure that the micro-niches you are looking at going into already have people making money in them. If there is no money being made in the niche already, then that indicates that the micro-niche may not be worthwhile from a commercial perpsective.There are a number of indicators that are useful for indicating the presence of commercial activity. They include Google Adwords, products related to your micro-niche on eBay and Amazon, E-stores and Online Shopping specialty stores, information products (ebooks or courses), and affiliate programs.GuruBob takes you through the process of researching for commercial activity using an example niche, and demonstrates the types of products and services to search for in relation to the micro-niche being investigated.Wrapping up Module One, GuruBob outlines the stages that have been taught so far, and the desired outcome if you have followed the action steps so far. They are: 1. You have found at least one micro-niche. 2. The micro-niche should have at least 3 keywords that meet the traffic and competition criteria. 3. You should have assessed the theme and/or category keywords using the SEO Matrix. 4. There should be satisfactory indicators of commercial activity within the micro-niche.GuruBob also stresses the importance of taking your candidate Micro-Niche keyword phrase through the keyword analysis process to extrapolate other relevant keyword phrases. To better illustrate what you should be seeing in your own data results with Market Samurai, GuruBob takes you through an example set of results with an example market.Starting with a set of results for Market, Niche and Micro-Niche level keyword phrases, GuruBob demonstrates how he takes the candidate Micro-Niche level keyword phrase and uses it to redo the keyword analysis, leaving you with a theme keyword phrase and some category keyword phrases.Actions For The Day – Take your candidate micro-niches through the process of researching for the evidence of commercial activity using the commercial indicators outlined in the lesson. Practice the process taught in Module One so that you become more familiar with the steps involved and more skilled at interpreting the resulting data.

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