The Challenge 2010 – Pre-Challenge – The Symphony of Four Parts

The Symphony of Four Parts – In the final video before the launch of The Challenge for 2010, Ed talks about his Symphony of Four Parts, which is broken down into market research, traffic, conversion and product.Ed stresses the importance of following the order of the four parts and how everything you’ll do during The Challenge comes down to these four things. These fundamentals apply across so many areas and are crucial for you to understand, so taking the time right now to understand the concept of The Symphony is incredibly important, before you even get started on The Challenge.Ed starts with the most important and sadly most glossed over, overlooked, or misunderstood part of the symphony, and that is market research. With the tools and information now available to us, so much risk can eliminated if the research is done correctly an if you follow the process there is no guessing.The next most crucial element following market research is traffic. Determining the sustainability of your business or niche in a marketplace comes down to simple questions about traffic. Is there is any traffic, can traffic can be generated, is there enough traffic to make the market a worthwhile one? These are all things that can be measured and tested using the tools and techniques you are taught how to use and implement in The Challenge.Part 3 of The Symphony, conversion, is all about measuring the actions taken by visitors to your site or web pages. There are few elements to conversion, where do they click, how long do they stay on your site, how many people sign up and a few others. The ultimate conversion measured is what actions your traffic takes that leads to a sale or profit.The last part of The Symphony is product, which can be in many forms. The biggest mistake that people make online is to put the product first in The Symphony, making the product and then trying to find the market and traffic for it. If you follow The Symphony and measure and test correctly, the market will tell you what it wants to buy.Action For The Day – Write out 10 times, as directed by Headmaster Ed, The Magnificent Symphony of Four Parts. Understanding the concept of the four parts and the order they need to be in, is the first critical step you will take to being successful online.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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