How to become a Make-Up Artist

Becoming a make-up artist especially in the world of fashion and media can be a tough job. We have put together a check list of industry tips to help you kick start your make up artist career.

  • Start a kit of beauty must-haves – hairbrushes, clips and extentions for hairstylists; brushes, makeup, and skin care for makeup artists.

  • Keep supplies organised. You’ll need to know exactly how to arrange everything at a shoot, which is a high pressured enviroment.

  • Work at a makeup counter or a salon while you’re in high school or college. You’ll get to practice on people with different skin tones or hair textures.

  • Move to a major fashion city like Milan, Paris, London or New York. Then contact someone you admire through his or her agency (do the research online) and offer to assist at a show or a shoot.

  • Watch movies from different eras so that you amass a wide range of beauty references and inspirations.

  • Make friends with fellow assitants – they’ll have the best job leads, and as you advance in your career, they will too.

  • At interviews and while on the job, wear clean, natural makeup and keep your hair simple. Your look should appear effortless, to keep the focus on the work you do.

  • Mistakes are inevitable, and tastes constantly change. Take time to review your work and become stronger.

Here is a video tutorial which has all the necessary information you need in regards to becoming a makeup artist. Hope you find this useful.


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