About Me

My name is Susann and have a background of teaching Fashion Marketing at PANSIK, the International Fashion Institute of Athens, Greece, and I am also a freelancing international marketing & management consultant, providing services to broadcasting, new & traditional media, film, corporate, non-profit organizations and governmental clients, such as in Greece, Sweden, Norway, UK and the U.S.

I am also the Co-Founder and Head f Marketing at a brand new venture, BoutiquesHub.com, that is to be launched in the start of 2013.

BoutiquesHub.com is a Digital Fashion & Designer project in progress, aiming at discovering up-and-coming artists in the Fashion Industry, connecting them with each other and providing professional promotion opportunities to end users and members worldwide.

BoutiquesHub.com is a one of a kind all-in-one stop & shop, a fabulous fusion of a professional & commercial platform and a social media portal. As the very first online pop-up store, magazine, database, networking & promotional portal, it presents fashion partners with independent e-Shops and websites that are linked to and promoted through our main portal, BoutiquesHub.com, where our members (all involved and interested in the world of fashion) come together to discover and buzz about the latest trends, news and designers, and the chance to acquire truly unique designs.

Network members are given numerous abilities to showcase their accomplishments, connect with, communicate and promote to peers and professionals, and given many other matchless professional and exclusive promotional opportunities in collaboration with BoutiquesHub.com’s partners (designers, fashion institutes, fashion event organizers, media etc), through contests, competitions, awards, events and much more.

Furthermore, I am one of the main partners, and the CEO of UtheMovie.com, as well as an associate partner in an event production company, FreeFrame, providing Top Class Services in Event Management and Event Planning & Organising for various local & international organisations.

My Coworkers and peers refer to me as: a commercially minded B2B, B2C and B2G marketing professional with proven experience of building strong customer relationships and sound business judgement; strong strategic capability, leadership and general management experience.

Driven by challenge, her excellent interpersonal and communications skills provide the ability to operate effectively at all levels and across all disciplines and Susann has assisted companies in their plans for expansion, developed and implemented strategic plans and set up new companies. Her strong suit is in developing and executing extensive marketing plans for companies, improving their performance and providing advice.

I wish you welcome to my Fashion Marketing Lessons Blog and hope you will find much of interest and enjoy browsing the various topics and articles. It is my honour to have you visiting, and I hope you will become a loyal and regular new blog friend.

Thank you all,