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Happy Hunting! Integrated Shopping Holiday Branding Marketing Campaign by Puma

Integrated Shopping Holiday Brand Identity Marketing Campaign Puma Happy Hunting

Puma has launched its regional integrated branding marketing campaign for 2010 shopping holiday themed “Happy Hunting”.

Puma, one of the global athletic brand, has launched its regional branding marketing campaign “Happy Hunting” with Puma’s style for 2010 shopping holiday.

Inspired by a person’s desire to hunt for the perfect item during the holiday season, the integrated marketing campaign is aimed to bring bizarre entertainment to young people, both in real world and online world. Therefore, the shopping holiday marketing campaign will run actively online through bloggers and social network platform like Facebook, YouTube and microblogs like Twitter to create viral buzz effect and build anticipation.

As part of the integrated branding marketing strategy, deeper layers are added to Puma’s integrated branding marketing campaign through story that communicate Puma’s wider brand identity and the joy of always hunting for the new, the exciting and the fresh.

Puma’s integrated branding marketing and advertising campaign for 2010 shopping holiday will run in print, online and outdoor across Asia in markets including Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Taiwan.

Source: InvisiblePr.com

Hunting Season has begun, watch how our models are hunted for their coats – PUMA style.

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