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Graffiti Nails, Coolest 2011 Trend

Create your own nail art!

Written by Susann Byman Ruud for Fashionmarketinglessons.

That the Swedes have always been on the fast lane of  creating and following trends is not news, however, for Christmas during my family Holidays, I discovered (in a gift from my sweet sister) a Swedish product by Isadora Cosmetics, that was both innovative as it was trendy and fashionable, but the best thing about it is that nobody will be able to recreate your look, not even you, as each time it is used it gives very different results!
What I am referencing to is Isadora’s Graffiti Nail Art line, an invention that can in matters of minutes transform your look into a unique, cool, fashionable and fabulously trendy and glam style, just by applying a bit of grafitti nail varnish on top of your already existing polish! And the best yet, it can cover up nail with chipping colour! Talk about express beauty treatment 🙂
Apply one of five differently coloured topcoats over your mani and then wait a few seconds – it begins to contract and crack, leaving you with a nail art-effect finish that doesn’t look like it was achieved by a mere swish of a polish brush. Six shades are available (black, white, blue, yellow, pink and green), giving you tons of possibilities for making fab contrasts.


Not convinced? Watch the video below using the black version over a blue base.



A tip though is to try it out with different under colours, as well as top graffiti colours and brush strokes, as the art / design differ quite much.

So go ahead and play around, and get ready to look like you just got out of Hollywood’s finest Nail Salon!!
Good Luck!


Graffiti pattern in just one stroke. Be trendy, have fun and express your nails – save time and money by doing it yourself with IsaDora Graffiti Nails!


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