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PETER GRAY and MASA HONDA sculptural and couture-like HAIR SHOW

One of the top hairstylist in the world, Peter Grey collaborate with former assistant Masa Honda to showcased the amazing hair editorial, photographed by Takahiro Ogawa as part of the Asia Beauty Expo. Aside from inviting 17 stylists, including Nicola Formichetti, Patti Wilson and Robbie Spencer, to customize a simple men’s jumpsuit, the show also featured the cream of recent Parsons and Central Saint Martins alumni, including Jackie Lee, Paula Cheng and Thomas Tait.

The avant garde women’s and men’s fashion was there to compliment the sculptural and the couture-like; two elements that are key to Gray’s idea of show hair.

Hair by Peter Gray & Masa Honda, photography by Takahiro Ogawa, styling by Yasuhiro Takehisa, art direction by Kazuya Goan, makeup by Chiho Omae, Manicure by Kotoe, mask by Hirotake Sakai & Chiho Omae

UPDATE: Apparently there is a little ‘Hair War’ Between Charlie Le Mindu and Peter Gray. where lies the line between inspired and complete ripoff? Watch video below:

Source: Trendland.net By Cyril Style

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