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PETER GRAY and MASA HONDA sculptural and couture-like HAIR SHOW

One of the top hairstylist in the world, Peter Grey collaborate with former assistant Masa Honda to showcased the amazing hair editorial, photographed by Takahiro Ogawa as part of the Asia Beauty Expo. Aside from inviting 17 stylists, including Nicola Formichetti, Patti Wilson and Robbie Spencer, to customize a simple men’s jumpsuit, the show also featured the cream of recent Parsons and Central Saint Martins alumni, including Jackie Lee, Paula Cheng and Thomas Tait.

The avant garde women’s and men’s fashion was there to compliment the sculptural and the couture-like; two elements that are key to Gray’s idea of show hair.

Hair by Peter Gray & Masa Honda, photography by Takahiro Ogawa, styling by Yasuhiro Takehisa, art direction by Kazuya Goan, makeup by Chiho Omae, Manicure by Kotoe, mask by Hirotake Sakai & Chiho Omae

UPDATE: Apparently there is a little ‘Hair War’ Between Charlie Le Mindu and Peter Gray. where lies the line between inspired and complete ripoff? Watch video below:

Source: Trendland.net By Cyril Style

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Louis Vuitton Cruise 2011 Lookbook

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2011 Lookbook

Extreme femininity is what the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2011 Collection screams. Besides, the accompanying retro lookbook totally reflects this approach. Clothes and accessories, flawless feminine details and clean tailoring, sweet florals and pastels combine in order to get the perfect ladylike vibe. The Louis Vuitton Cruise 2011 lookbook speaks for itself, being the right lesson about femininity.
A warm retro setting into a breezy summer day represents the perfect scenario for the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2011 collection. Speaking about the new collection, at Louis Vuitton’s Resort presentation at the Maritime Hotel, design director Julie de Libran said:

“For Fall, Marc went back to curves, the woman. This is continuing in that spirit, but going to extremes with jewelry and accessories.”
Well, the accompanying lookbook for this collection captures the idea of femininity entirely, going beyond all palpable things.

Extremely feminine clothes that perfectly combine modern and vintage, silk blouses, suede jackets, ladylike dresses, flared skirts, cinch-waisted shorts, and high-waisted trousers represent wearable pieces that exude femininity through details and cuts, bows and pushed-up busts. Refinement, grace and nonchalance are three of the characteristics that best describe a woman and the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2011 collection manages to take in every single one of these features. Moreover, the handbags, hats, leather driving gloves, oversize accessories, and scarves romantically securing the hair come and balance the looks.

What’s the best definition of femininity? Sometimes, it can be described as the ideal combination of inner and outer world, in a harmonious way. Some people say we are born with it and it cannot be thought. Therefore, can we talk about two types of femininity? One that is exuded and cannot be materialized and another one that comes under different touchable shapes? Taking a glimpse at the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2011 lookbook it is impossible not to see the ideal “partnership” between the two.

Sometimes femininity can be that discreet touch of finishing an outfit. It comes and completes an overall aspect, adding the missing piece. For example, a pair of high-heeled shoes with bows and floral prints, cute embellishments adorning romantic, flared dresses, or a pair of cateye sunglasses.
The Louis Vuitton collection for 2011 proposes chic pieces in pretty colors, such as pale pink, soft buttery yellow, light green, and prints of fruit vines and peonies.

The luminosity and simplicity of the outfits give a melancholic, romantic, yet sophisticated and elegant feeling. Marc Jacobs managed to create for the Louis Vuitton 2011 a collection that takes us on a journey to the land of style. Oversize chain necklaces and leather driving gloves are matched with sweet floral printed ballerina flats, ladylike dresses and feminine retro hairstyles. Model Anne Vyalitsyna manages to render the feeling, while photographer Mark Segal captures the unique atmosphere.

Besides pastels and fruity colors, one can see the timeless, classic black used to take femininity to the maximum. A gorgeous little black dress and a seventies outfit were the black “intruders” in the collection. A pair of high-waisted trousers, a lace blouse, and a thin belt perfectly capture the ’70s vibe. The already legendary items of the brand, such as the monogrammed luggage, the reinterpretation of the classic Speedy, and other eye-catching details remind us of the Louis Vuitton style and spirit.


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It is with great joy to present the Spring 2011 lookbook of ZANA BAYNE LEATHER


Zana Bayne Leather • Look Book 2011 from Char Alfonzo on Vimeo.


To coincide with the new collection, a new webstore will be launched on 1/1/11 at http://shop.zanabayne.com

Source: Garbagedress
(Also, view the Zana Bayne LookBoook Video here)

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Eleven Paris presents ‘Making Of Ash Stymest & Lizzy Jagger Photoshoot in Paris 2010’

PARIS, France Elizabeth Jagger (daughter of rock legend Mick Jagger) & ASH STYMEST (world renouned model) pose for photographs at an ELEVEN PARIS photoshoot. VIDEOAGENCY were invited to catch the event on film for an exclusive “making of” video. www.videoagency.com

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Bottega Veneta – Robert Longo Photo Shoot – FW 2010 – 2011 Advertising Campaign

Robert Longo’s series “Men in the Cities,” created in the late 1970s and early 1980s, has influenced photographers for decades. The series, which depicts men and women in business attire contorted in extreme positions, began as photographs taken by Longo on his rooftop. The artist then created large-scale charcoal and graphite drawings from the photographs. Longo, who works in a wide range of media including sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, and film, has a virtuoso talent for evoking complex themes with simple, powerful imagery. His graphic style and ability to distill images to a minimum of elements were what led Bottega Veneta Creative Director Tomas Maier to seek him out for the Fall-Winter 2010/2011 campaign.

Source: Bottega Veneta

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