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Inspirational Fashion Ads from around the world


No matter if you are in the fashion business, graphic design, marketing, or another similar career field, fashion ads can be quite inspiring. Some of the most trendy and eye-catching designs are from the fashion industry, so if in need of something to boost your creativity, take a look at the following stunning and unique fashion advertisements from all over the world.


From London, we have Holly Fulton in an Egyptian style dress. Vivid colors contrast the monochromatic background. What a beautiful poster!



From Italy, MSGM presents a fantastic photo shoot with six images; plus it is fun and clean at the same time.



Chanel’s denim sneakers for women look terribly comfortable and terribly out of place on a bed of straw in an old barn. This poster will make you look twice.



This black and white image has a subtle patriotic note with a flag hanging in the background. Sunglasses and bubble gum add to the American feel.



These black and white tees from Handsome Clothing look sharp on a black and white poster.



Clean and sharp, this ad directs all attention to the stunning clothing line of Tom Ford.



Calvin Klein Jeans are displayed as provocative in gray tones. The lighting and use of white space make this poster clean, crisp, and passionate at the same time.



Chanel’s takes you back to Breakfast at Tiffany’s and wins over your heart with sweet nostalgia. Black and white is making a big impression in fashion posters.



This photo from Sophia Mauro is sensational and full of emotion. Fanciful and passionate, this poster gives its viewer a reason for a second glance. Sofia Mauro is the name of the work produced by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mogiello.



This ad from Levi’s also brings us back in time with a poster design that oozes old Hollywood. Plus, it comes with an inspirational message. This not only draws the attention of the older generation but also the “new” Levi’s is marketed to a new generation.



This poster advertising the work of Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo does justice to black and white design. From the style of clothes to the facial expressions, everything about this poster tells you it should only be printed in black and white.



This eye-catching poster ad is from Cartier in France. The black background contrasts perfectly with the model’s hauntingly white skin.



Burberry, a British brand, shows off fashion with a very interesting graphic border of paint splats and roses. The color of the border contrasts sharply with the black and white photo underneath.

Original Source: Conceptdezain


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Inspirational Fashion Photography by Justin Maller, International Fashion Photographer

Today we look at the work of Justin Maller, a creative freelancer and art director. In association with Smashingshare, Recave presents a look into inspirational fashion photography.

About Justin

Justin Maller is a freelance illustrator and art director based in Melbourne, Australia. He has been creating digital art for over eight years, and has produced professionally in both a private and studio based capacity for the last three. He is represented by Jeremy Wortsman of the Jacky Winter Group.

Justin has had the pleasure of producing illustrations and concept art for a diverse array of companies and publications worldwide, and enjoys a cordial collaborative relationship with several prestigious international design studios. Work aside, he is an inner core member of the Keystone Design Union, an avid sneaker collector, occassional tweeter, and a mild force of nature on the basketball court. Justin is also the Creative Director of The Depthcore Collective, an international modern art collective established in June 2002. This role sees him direct and interact with many of the worlds most talented and prodigious young artists, musicians and designers as they illustrate and orchestrate the thoughts, hope and dreams of all corners of the globe.

Women in Fashion

All Images are Copyright Justin Maller

Original Source: Recave

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New Resource: Fashion Ad Explorer

Fashion advertisements are not meant just to showcase certain items and brands.  They are meant to be beautiful, too, and good advertisements are meant to awe and inspire.

The very ingenious Fashion Ad Explorer compiles all of these fashion advertisements for your perusal — letting you enjoy amazing photography from the latest advertising campaigns without having to flip through stacks of magazines.

Fashion Ad Explorer, created by Nikolai Kordulla of Munich and Stuttgart, collects the advertisements that go on the site from submissions, websites, magazines, books, and so on and, as of now, has amassed 11,255 ads.

Her website functions as a great resource for fashion professionals and fashion bloggers, giving insight into the latest trends and visual styles.  It’s also just nice to look it, as well.

Original Source: Fashionablymarketing.me by Stephanie Kwak on 06/02/2010

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