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How to get the most out of Trade Shows & Fashion Week

Fashion Weeks are upon us. You’ve paid up to exhibit in London, Paris, New York or Milan. How do you make sure that you get the most out of the exposure to increase your sales and get press?

Before you go

1. Research trade shows to find the one that’s right for you. Look at the online exhibitors list from previous seasons. There are plenty of fashion showrooms out to choose from and you are most likely to do well in a show with similar labels to your own. This also gives you a great opportunity to scope out your competitors. Don’t be shy to ask the organisers for concrete figures on which buyers attend, better positioning, etc. You’re investing in your booth, and you want to make sure you at least make your investment back!

2. Know what your goal is. It helps with preparation if you know what you want to achieve. Are you there to meet existing stockists? Are you trying to develop new relationships? Who are you targeting, buyers or press? Depending on how important each goal is to you, prepare accordingly.

3. Make sure you have a good team with you. More importantly, have a detailed schedule set up for when everyone is manning the booth.


At the trade show

1. Smile, make eye contact, engage people! I’m always surprised to see people hiding at the back of their booth hunched over a laptop. While it quickly gets very boring to be there, you’ll miss opportunities if you hide away. To avoid getting bored, have a good rotation going so that you can take plenty of breaks.

2. Have freebies at your booth. Giving out free sweets or even just very well produced look books can have a powerful impact.

3. Show, then sell. If someone shows interest in your products be there to help them explore and probe them about what they’re looking for, what else they stock, what their customers are like. If you listen carefully you’ll have all the information you need to make an effective sales pitch tailored to their interests.

After the show

Follow up! Everyone you have met will have met tens, if not hundreds of people. Some of them will barely remember you.

Be ready to follow up with people you meet to initiate a business relationship. Don’t leave them guessing and be clear about what you’re proposing. It’s often tough to get buyers to commit at the show itself. This means that it’s even more important to follow up.

Source: Worldonahanger.com By Emily


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Fashion Tip! – How to Plan a Fashion Show

Karolina Kurkova Model Karolina Kurkova walks the runway during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show held at the Kodak Theatre on November 16, 2006 in Hollywood, California. The show will be broadcast December 5, 2006 on CBS.

A fashion show can be a great way to raise money for charity or to promote the clothing that you sell at your place of business.  Fashion shows are fun for those participating and those watching alike.  But if you’ve never organized a fashion show before, it may seem overwhelming.  Don’t worry, if you take things step by step, you’ll be well on your way to organizing your own fashion show.

[1.] Reserve a venue.

The first thing you need is a place to have your fashion show.  This can be almost anywhere, depending on your goals.  You don’t need a raised catwalk to have a good fashion show.  You could use a bolt of fabric as a “red carpet effect” or even just tape out your models’ path with masking tape.  Your venue could be anything from your place of business to a park to the local high school auditorium.  Just make sure you have a solid date so you will be able to advertise.

[2.] Find some models.

Steps two and three might flip flop depending on what you have.  If you own a business that sells dresses, you will likely want to find models before dresses, since it’s likely that you will have access to many different styles and sizes of the clothing you want to show anyway.  Casting models first allows you to get the looks of the girls you want all lined up.  Models can be anything from paid professionals to local girls to somewhere in between.  You can probably find a lot of interested girls just through your network of people in the town, but if not radio and newspaper ads may find some – you can try putting in an announcement at the local high school as well.

[3.] Choose your clothing.

If you are running a fashion show for a charity, you will likely have to select the dresses you want in the show from your stock first, and then look for models who will fit those dresses (or other clothes).  If you have more leeway than that, though, try to select dresses that will move well when they are walked in, that have colors that will look great under lights, and that show a variety of the stock you offer.

The last thing to do is to prepare and set the mood for your fashion show.  Advertise like there is no tomorrow, especially in and around the high school.  If you are having the show at your place of business, try offering a sale to bring in more potential customers.  Add some great music, and don’t forget to have fun!

Source: Helium.com by Aisling Ash


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How to Organize a Fashion Show

Location! Location! Location! Where will the fashion show be held? Who is it for? Define the demographics of your audience. Choose models with some theatre or dance background so they will have a sense of quick changes and choreography.

Understand that no-one wants to fold and clean up after the models so budget a little something and hire a wardrobe person. Do not let it become a popularity contest. Maintain your authority as the director.

Rehearse the entire show with a stop-watch and iron will. They will hate you at the moment, but love you later, after a beautifully produced, on-time show.

No backstage visitors. Each person has a different sense of privacy and should be respected. Maybe your closest friend really doesn’t want to have your favorite Uncle backstage for a quick hello, while she is dressing or undressing.

Is it invitation only, or being promoted to the general public? Are sales going to be part of the aftermath, then get a credit card machine. Have a program with contact numbers so the designers or stores you are promoting won’t lose precious connections made during the show.

List the models, if they wanted to, they could use this as an opportunity to photo-shoot their own portfolios. Welcome new photographers, you never know what talent could come through the door. it’s very glamorous to have throngs of photographers at the show.

Expect flowers at the end of the show, you who did all the mental agonizing for weeks or possible months. Drop hints so that someone will get them for you, it will cause a “stir”.
Teach the catwalk. It throws the hips and gives the models something to think about during the presentation. Teach ATTITUDE, it’s very stylish to pout, and act spoiled.

Play good music. Can’t make up your mind? Don’t. Let each participant choose a song or piece of music so that they can feel like the show belongs to them too. Have a local DJ participate, blend the classical music with the pop, keep it active, two different people speaking can hold an audiences attention better than one. Can’t pay the DJ? Give the DJ a full-page ad in the program.

Have fun, fashion drives a major industry of young spenders, and wealthy older gals with disposable income, we all know what that means…P.S. Nothing turns off older, well-monied women like profane language. Do not use it, it isn’t cute, and you will undermine your best efforts by offending the ladies with the cash.

Source: Helium.com by Peggy Molloy

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Fashion Career Information

Many do not realize it, but there are a variety of careers in fashion to choose from–the field is not limited to designers and models.


  • Fashion designers work with all different types of fashion, from bridal gowns to swimwear. A degree from a fine arts university or design institute, such as the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in L.A. or Parsons in New York City, is the best way to get into this career.
  • Modeling

  • Modeling is one of the most sought after fashion careers, but it is not easy to attain or sustain. Models must meet strict requirements to get work, and the industry is driven purely by aesthetics.
  • Management

  • Modeling agents may also represent makeup artists, actors and fashion photographers. There is work for modeling managers around the world, and many even start their own management companies as opposed to working for established firms, such as Ford or Elite Models.
  • Event Production

  • Fashion show producers typically work in major cities such as London, Paris, New York City and Los Angeles, but there is work available in smaller markets too. Production companies, such as Sobol in Miami, Florida, are responsible for planning and executing fashion shows and events.
  • Publicity and Marketing

  • Fashion publicists and marketing experts generally work with fashion brands, designers and show producers to get them media attention and increase public awareness. Some publicists also work exclusively with famous models.
  • Photography

  • Fashion photographers, such as Jason Christopher, Derek Blanks and Richard Warren, help models develop portfolios, but they also shoot work for magazines and commercial websites. Those who take this fashion career path can find work around the world, in cities of all sizes.

    Original Source: eHow By Marie Dockett, eHow Contributor

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    How to Begin a Fashion Show Producer Career

    Need tips to become a fashion show producer?

    If you’ve thought of travelling to the four corners of the earth to produce fashion shows for celebrated designers and their modeling muses, then a career as a fashion show producer is your dream job.

    From taking courses at notable fashion schools to learning skills to create a high-fashion show from an established crew of seasoned fashion professionals, you can begin your amazing fashion show producer career easily.

    Here’s to the fabulous life of fashion and your new career as a fashion show producer.

    Difficulty: Moderate


    Things You’ll Need:

    • fashion training
    • apprenticeship with a fashion show producer
    • fashion show training
    • courses in fashion marketing and fashion production
    1. 1

      Fashion Show Producer

      Fashion Show Producer

      Become a student of the fashion show game. If you don’t know a red-soled Louboutin from a Louis Vuitton $2200 Spicy sandal, you need a crash course on shoe designers and the fashion industry. Before you imagine yourself producing fashion shows for rock stars, socialites, fashion editors and couture collectors, you need an eye for fashion and a fashion education filled with important and critically-acclaimed designer names… and knowledge of their clothing and accessories.

    2. 2

      Take a few fashion courses. Enroll at your local fashion school for training as a fashion show producer. If you cannot travel to New York to enroll at Parsons or the Fashion Institute of Technology, take classes at your local trade school for fashion industry knowledge. A few sewing classes, fashion-inspired art classes and basic fashion illustration courses will help you take your career as a fashion show producer to the next level.

    3. 3

      Become an assistant to the fashion show producer. The path to fashion show production varies: You could have a background in public relations or spent time as a former high-fashion model. Whatever the career path you choose to become a fashion show producer get an internship with a notable fashion show production company to learn the fashion ropes.

      Need to do some fashion show producer research? Celebrated fashion show production doyenne and former Ebony Fashion Fair Commentator, Audrey Smaltz owns a NY-based fashion show production company that originated the idea of professional backstage management for fashion shows. Visit her website GroundCrew (see resources below) to basque in some of her 30 plus years of fashion production experience.

    4. 4

      Create your own fashion show. Contact a fashion school in your area or a local high school and volunteer to produce a fashion show. Create fliers asking for aspiring stylists, fashion designers and fashion models to lend their skills to your first fashion show. If you are feeling charitable donate your fashion production skills to a non profit organization looking for a volunteer fashion producer for a a fundraising event.

    Original Source: eHow By How-to Queen, eHow Member

    VIDEO: Click link to watch this interview video of HOW TO BEGIN A FASHION SHOW PRODUCER CAREER


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