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Burberry Celebrating 1 Year of Social Fashion: Art Of The Trench

It works like a personal catalogue for trench coats and looks like a playbook for spies…

Burberry’s experiment into social networking, The Art of the Trench celebrates its first birthday.  The website allows users to share fashion sense and faces along with their favorite trench coats.

As Reuter reported from the trench coat Motherland last year, Burberry has dug into the social networking mine with the launch of its new website artofthetrench.com. Burberry’s Facebook page calls it “a living celebration of the trench coat and the people who wear it.” While many designers (@DVFNewYork) and retailers (@Bloomingdales) have taken their businesses to Twitter, Burberry is the first major fashion titan to actually create a social media labyrinth of its own.

With Art Of The Trench, Scott Schuman of Satorialist fame has teamed up with Facebook to create a social networking fashion blog bizzarely centered solely around the Burberry trench coat. The site features a colorful grid of photos of street walkers – all non-generic, beautiful and photogenic – sporting the renowned and timeless trench. Many of them have tattoos, some are riding their bikes, and others have scarlet red hair. When you click on one of them, their snapshot becomes enlarged and the Facebook influence becomes clear – you can “like” or “leave a comment” and “share” the image. You can even sort the images by popularity, or weather!

Picture 2

The site has media and fashion junkies (and even the Financial Times!) buzzing. And we’re not surprised – the interface is pretty flawless, and the design itself is attractive. But as timeless as the Burberry trench is (and as good looking as these supposed non-models are), will the new site actually affect sales, as NYT Fashion speculated in its tweet a while back?

The full New York Times article, which appeared in the Global Business section, reported yesterday:

“Those raincoats, a 95-year-old fashion icon, remain Burberry’s best-selling item, and Ms. Ahrendts — who now runs the company — is hoping to move the quintessentially British brand into the age of the Internet to attract a new generation of shoppers.”




We don’t doubt that Art Of The Trench will be bookmarked and thrown in our fashion blogs folder, among the likes of The Sartorialist and Garance Dore, but will we ever revisit it? However iconic, the revolving of a website – a social networking one no less – around a singular piece of clothing is a risky move. While it has caused a sudden buzz from a wide array of media outlets, Art of the Trench just doesn’t have the repeat user pull that it needs to be a sustainable campaign. Unless of course, this is just one part of a grander plan. Perhaps the site will expand in a LookBook-ish type way. But to maintain the hold on the web attention they’ve managed to attain so quickly, Burberry will have to deviate from only focusing on the trench. Which was sort of the site’s manifesto to begin with. It’s a Catch-22 that’s relevant in a day and age where anyone can start a blog or create a website on a whim.

There’s no doubt that the trench will stick around, but only time will tell if the Art of it will.


Text Source: Mediaite.com

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10 Facebook Best Practice for Brands on Social Network Marketing

Social Network Facebook Marketing

With Facebook that continue to grow as one of the social marketing, here are the top 10 Facebook best practice Facebook marketing for branding marketing on social network media.

Lets admit it, Facebook now become one of the great tool for social network marketing, from conversation, building community or even find the latest industry news. That’s why you can several brand run their marketing campaign on Facebook, from celebrities, athletes, or even the brand’s competitor. But having an Facebook profile doesn’t mean you’re a master of social media marketing. You need to learn about the art of Facebook marketing.

For brands, there’s an art to using Facebook. And just like the most art, most of the successfulmarketing campaign follow an unwritten set of rules. But there are 10 important practices of Facebook marketing for brand to follow. Here are the lessons that we have learned :

  • Do you research before engaging customers
  • Determine the marketing campaign goals
  • Utilize either a branded or personal profile
  • Build your Facebook equity and credibility
  • Track metrics and conversation trends
  • Don’t go overboard, less structure is better
  • Listen and observe before engaging
  • Be authentic and believable
  • Track, measure and iterate
  • Don’t just strategize, Execute!

Last word, there are no success recipe for social network marketing. After all, its all about conversation, and when it comes to marketing, it also mean being flexible and be experimentalist.

Source: InvisiblePr.com


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Social Network Marketing Basics

Social Network Marketing Basics

Establishing and maintaining an active presence on social networking websites has emerged as an effective way to promote products and drive traffic to websites. These and other Web 2.0 technologies are changing the way we approach internet marketing. In this article we look at how to make the most of social network marketing.

There are many terms for this form of web promotion, including social media optimization and social media marketing. And there are also different types of websites and methods that can be used.

As with any form of internet marketing, successful social network marketing takes patience, know how, and some hard work. Social network websites are essentially online communities where people can meet, communicate, and share ideas. How you should approach your marketing campaign on these websites will depend on the size and nature of your business.

Many large companies and corporations have already established a presence on these websites. However, for smaller companies and home-based web businesses a more subtle approach is probably the better option. Rather than blatantly marketing your product, you should try to become a member of the community by making friends and joining relevant groups on websites like Facebook and MySpace

Source: InvisiblePr.com


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