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How to Begin a Fashion Show Producer Career

Need tips to become a fashion show producer?

If you’ve thought of travelling to the four corners of the earth to produce fashion shows for celebrated designers and their modeling muses, then a career as a fashion show producer is your dream job.

From taking courses at notable fashion schools to learning skills to create a high-fashion show from an established crew of seasoned fashion professionals, you can begin your amazing fashion show producer career easily.

Here’s to the fabulous life of fashion and your new career as a fashion show producer.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You’ll Need:

  • fashion training
  • apprenticeship with a fashion show producer
  • fashion show training
  • courses in fashion marketing and fashion production
  1. 1

    Fashion Show Producer

    Fashion Show Producer

    Become a student of the fashion show game. If you don’t know a red-soled Louboutin from a Louis Vuitton $2200 Spicy sandal, you need a crash course on shoe designers and the fashion industry. Before you imagine yourself producing fashion shows for rock stars, socialites, fashion editors and couture collectors, you need an eye for fashion and a fashion education filled with important and critically-acclaimed designer names… and knowledge of their clothing and accessories.

  2. 2

    Take a few fashion courses. Enroll at your local fashion school for training as a fashion show producer. If you cannot travel to New York to enroll at Parsons or the Fashion Institute of Technology, take classes at your local trade school for fashion industry knowledge. A few sewing classes, fashion-inspired art classes and basic fashion illustration courses will help you take your career as a fashion show producer to the next level.

  3. 3

    Become an assistant to the fashion show producer. The path to fashion show production varies: You could have a background in public relations or spent time as a former high-fashion model. Whatever the career path you choose to become a fashion show producer get an internship with a notable fashion show production company to learn the fashion ropes.

    Need to do some fashion show producer research? Celebrated fashion show production doyenne and former Ebony Fashion Fair Commentator, Audrey Smaltz owns a NY-based fashion show production company that originated the idea of professional backstage management for fashion shows. Visit her website GroundCrew (see resources below) to basque in some of her 30 plus years of fashion production experience.

  4. 4

    Create your own fashion show. Contact a fashion school in your area or a local high school and volunteer to produce a fashion show. Create fliers asking for aspiring stylists, fashion designers and fashion models to lend their skills to your first fashion show. If you are feeling charitable donate your fashion production skills to a non profit organization looking for a volunteer fashion producer for a a fundraising event.

Original Source: eHow By How-to Queen, eHow Member

VIDEO: Click link to watch this interview video of HOW TO BEGIN A FASHION SHOW PRODUCER CAREER


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How to build a Fashion Portfolio Online

How to create a online portfolio quick and easy!
Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • Resume
  • Portfolio (One that you can carry around)
  • Best work pictures(to showcase in website)
  • A Website (www.freewebs.com)
  1. 1

    First you want to gather all your material together resume, about you, contact information, what you offer and pictures of your work. Create ways to be creative on your online portfolio find ways to express yourself through your work. Keep in mind not to clutter online portfolio with information but be brief with your words. Pick your very best work to go online pick pictures that are your best to show off. This will show the viewer your skills and talents.

  2. 2

    Next step would be to create your website. Its many web sites that you can choose from, my favorite is http://www.freewebs.com. or you can try http://www.godaddy.com, Go daddy charge a fee to maintain their services, but http://www.ourchurch.com and http://www.freewebs.com are free to create a website. Take advantage of this it will save you money! Once you have a website created begin putting all your materials you gathered and put them into use on your new website if you go with the web sites I mention they will walk you through it, its easy.

  3. 3

    Now that you have created your online portfolio you can show your skills and experience to clients, employers, free lancers and much more. Note it is very important to have a hand portfolio as while to show off, you want both online and offline portfolios to show. Now you are ready to show viewers your skills!

    Tips & Warnings

    • Always show your best work in your portfolio note my professor taught me to show my best work last in my portfolio save the very best for last!
    • Note don’t clutter your website with scattered information.

Original Source: eHow By proverbs, eHow Member

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Fashion Coordinator Job Description

fashion coordinator must possess fashion flair, an awareness of fashion trends and marketing savvy. Fashion coordinators line-up outfits for fashion events including runway shows, model shoots, and fashion promotions. Accessorizing these outfits is part of thejob. Fashion shows and magazines both showcase the work of fashion coordinators.

    Job Duties

  1. Keeping in mind rising trends, target market and event purpose; fashion coordinators select outfits, create presentation order and match all details of what will be shown; including jewelry, bags and shoes. Attention to detail is critical.
  2. Fashion Stylists

  3. Referred to as “fashion stylists,” some coordinators create “looks” for photography sessions. Project directors, such as agents or photographers, hire stylists who then coordinate wardrobe with hair and makeup. Putting across an artistic concept is the goal.
  4. Store Coordinators

  5. Fashion coordinators employed by stores organize fashion events including promotions, shows and community outreach. When organizations borrow clothing for fashion events, they do so through the store coordinator. Special event scheduling passes through the same coordinator. Along with coordinating outfits for in-store shows, coordinators hire models, conduct rehearsals and format the show.
  6. Media Coordinators

  7. Fashion coordinators also work within the media. They make clothing selections for on-air personalities, actively developing the celebrity’s public persona. They secure wardrobe from designers and retailers for celebrity clients, giving recognition to their sources in return.
  8. Background

  9. Fashion coordinators usually come from retail or styling backgrounds. They possess an eye for fashion and the ability to present style in a fresh original manner. They understand trends and what motivates consumers to buy.
  10. Purpose

  11. Sales are the bottom line. Being in touch with consumer demand and aware of rising trends is crucial. The job is almost always about selling product.
  12. Opportunity

  13. Fashion coordinator positions are most likely to occur in larger metropolitan districts where shopping malls and specialty boutiques are plentiful. Moving to such an area increases chances for working at this profession.

Original Source: ehow By Kieve Kavanaugh, eHow Contributor

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How to Make a Fashion Show Program

There are many tasks involved in planning a fashion show. Learn how to make a fashion show program that will inform and entertain guests who attend this event.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You’ll Need:

  • Blank CD-R
  • Model photos
  • Clothing photos
  1. 1

    Designate pages for Fashion Show Sponsors. While the fashion show program should have engaging content for readers, set aside a few pages for sponsors or local advertisers. This is one of the most widely used fashion show fundraising ideas for community organizations. The amount of room and pages selected should coincide with the amount of funds that need to be raise at your fashion show. Readers may be more interested in the advertisements if they are related to your event in one way or another. That still does not mean advertisements for construction companies or pizza restaurants should be passed on when you make a fashion show program.

  2. 2

    Collect feature articles on participating models. Fashion models are some of the most popular professionals in their industry. Add editorial features on specific models when planning to make a fashion show program. The articles should be focused on models who are participating in your event. As a host, you can write these articles or designate a staff member to complete them. If you are planning the fashion show fundraising event for a larger organization, hire professional freelance writers to produce the feature articles.

  3. 3

    Interview designers participating in the fashion show. Once you plan to make a fashion show program with articles, include at least one interview on select designers. Publishing interviews with fashion designers can give potential customers a better understanding of their clothing or accessories. It also helps event attendees find out where they can purchase certain clothing outside of the fashion show.

  4. 4

    Include a letter about the organization’s mission. Many fashion show program booklets include a small paragraph about the organizer or the host and his or her affiliated group. Take this to another level and create a letter explaining the purpose for your event. The letter can be placed anywhere in your fashion show program but can get more attention on the inside cover or first page. Letters can be helpful if you are hosting a fashion show fundraising event and need donations all year round. Allow a logo or photograph to accompany the letter, making it more authentic.

Tips & Warnings

  • Visit a printing store and get your fashion show program layouts duplicated and put into booklet form. They can resemble a magazine but newspaper styles are also popular if you cannot afford magazine style printing.
  • When you make a fashion show program, add a brief biography for each judge if he or she is well known in the community.

Original Source: eHow By msnicole, eHow Member

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Ideas for Fashion Shows

  1. A girl posing on the runway.
    A girl posing on the runway.

    Fashion shows are about more than just the clothes on the models. Fashion shows are about the theatrics of it all, the show itself. When planning a show you need to create a complete concept and use the smaller details to exude your theme and color scheme.

  2. Themes

  3. Choose a theme for your fashion show. If you have a distinct look or theme for the collection being shown, then go with this. If not, choose a color scheme, time period and general mood or feeling you would like your guests to walk away with. Make sure every detail follows your mood, time period and color scheme once you’ve decided on these factors.
  4. Confetti and Fireworks

  5. Shoot off fireworks at the end of the show for an outdoor runway. Let confetti fall from the ceiling or be shot out of confetti guns during the show or at the end for a big finale.
  6. Fundraiser

  7. Make the fashion show into a fundraiser. Charge for admission and then sell the clothes seen on the runway. Donate the proceeds to a church, children’s organization or non-profit, or fund a community service project.
  8. Video Screens

  9. Set up large video screens on each side of the runway. Have the screens show live footage of the runway as the models walk down so everyone can see the fashions, no matter where they might be sitting. Use the screens to show behind-the-scenes footage before the show begins or footage of the designer working on the pieces as the piece comes down the runway on a model.
  10. Decorations

  11. Roll out a carpet for guests to walk down as they arrive. A red carpet is customary, but you can choose any color or design to make it coordinate with the collection being shown. Put plush seat covers on the chairs so your guests are comfortable during the show.

Original Source: eHow By Dialogue Queen , eHow Contributor

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How to Solicit Loaner Clothing for Fashion Shows

Ask local designers to lend you clothing for your fashion show.

Ask local designers to lend you clothing for your fashion show.

Fashion shows are social events which are gaining popularity in many communities as an opportunity to raise funds for local charities and philanthropic organizations. Organizing one of these events requires stamina, an eye for fashion and attention to detail. One of the main tasks in organizing a fashion show is identifying what designers, stores and clothing styles you want to feature. Beyond that you need to solicit loaner fashions for your models to wear as they strut down the runway. Here are some tips to assist you as you undertake requisitioning loaner clothing.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • List of local designers and boutiques
  • Fashion magazines
  1. 1

    Research styles, designers and individual garment types. Decide on a theme early in the planning stages of the event to help guide you in selecting garments. If you plan to requisition garments from local boutiques it is helpful to visit the stores in question and take notes on specific garments and/or designers you’re interested in featuring in your show.

  2. 2

    Identify the decision maker at each boutique (usually a manager or owner). Make a note of her name, position, email address and work phone number. If you are contacting designers individually you should compile the same information. Coordinate your notes on garments so that they correspond with the information on owners, managers or designers so that you have a clear idea of what you’ll be asking each individual to contribute.

  3. 3

    Write an “elevator pitch” for your event. An elevator pitch is a brief summary of who, what, when, where and why for a product or event that can be “delivered in the time it takes an elevator to go from the top floor of a building to the lobby.” Typically, an elevator pitch should be no longer than one minute long and should highlight the salient points of why your event is important and what the benefit will be for the boutique owner/manager or designer to participate.

  4. 4

    Phone each decision maker. Personal contact is essential in creating a good rapport with someone you do not know. Briefly explain your purpose for the call and what you’re seeking. Identify garments and specific designers you’re interested in showing. Ask directly if you can count on her participation in your fashion show.

  5. 5

    Negotiate the terms of the contribution. Do you need the designer or boutique owner to deliver the garments to a specific place or to style the models in the garment on the day of the show? You should also discuss if the clothing items are a donation or if they will be returned. If you’re returning them, you’ll need to discuss if your organization will need to have them dry cleaned after the show. Get a loosely structured verbal agreement before you end the call. Take lots of notes and let the decision maker know you’ll follow up via email.

  6. 6

    Email each decision maker immediately after your conversation. Outline the details of your agreement as discussed in your phone call. Make sure to highlight where the clothing is to be dropped off or who will pick it up and what date that will happen. Include your personal phone number so that the decision maker can contact you with additional questions or concerns.

  7. 7

    Follow up via phone a week or two before your event with each designer or boutique owner/manager to remind him or her that the show is coming up.

  8. 8

    Follow through on the details of your agreement. If you’ve promised advertising in the program or tickets to the show, make sure to get those details sorted out well in advance. After the show ensure that all garments are returned to the proper place and are cleaned or packaged to the specifications in your agreement.

Original Source: eHow: By Kate Kotler, eHow Contributor

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Fashion Show Party Themes

  1. Your guests will be the models at your fashion show themed party.
    Your guests will be the models at your fashion show themed party.

    According to iStylista, fashion shows have been around since the 1800s when they were called “fashion parades.” Today, television shows dedicate themselves to fashion and the runway show while charity organizations also use them as fundraisers. The fashion-show-themed party will let you and your friends have their own moment on the catwalk and share their personal style at the same time.

  2. Oscar Night

  3. The Oscars are filled with glamorous gowns, shiny jewels and up-swept hairstyles. Invite your guests to “put on the Ritz” by doing the same thing. Have them bring extra gowns, gloves and jewelery that to share with others. Let each participant choose from the available items to model as their favorite Hollywood glamour star. Roll out red material as your carpet, and use lighting and music to create a classy mood. Toast your finale with champagne flutes.
  4. Beach Bash

  5. Even if it’s snowing outside, warm things up inside with a beach bash. Each guest can model several outfits that she would enjoy wearing at the beach. Choose from sundresses, bathing suits, capris and tank tops or similar beach attire. They may even start with modeling a sundress but have a bathing suit ready underneath to be shown. Drape hula skirts from the discount stores along the floor as your runway. Use tropical decor and island music to set the mood and finish with frozen island drinks and tasty fruits.
  6. Decade Divas

  7. The decades from the ’20s to the ’80s were all unique in their fashion imprints. Give your guests a choice of which decade they would like to emulate, and let them display the most unique fashions from it down the runway. For example, the ’50s will have poodle skirts and beehive hairstyles, the ’60s introduced the hippy-chick and the ’80s will have lace gloves and multi-colored hair. Play a game to see who knows which decade each outfit displays, and hand out prizes of corresponding items from that era. To add more fun, try to have distinct decade music played for each participant as he walks the catwalk.
  8. She-Cats in Hats

  9. Hats are a fun and simple way to create fashion for your show!
    Hats are a fun and simple way to create fashion for your show!

    A simple, yet fun way to play with fashion is with hats. This theme will focus solely on what goes on your head, so the rest of your attire will be pure black. In fact, if your guests own catsuits and black leotards, it’s even more fun. Before your party, have each guest decorate her favorite hat (or hats) for the big day. Let guests know that there will be a contest for the best one chosen by the audience, and have them parade around the room for applause. The most outrageous hat is usually the crowd-pleaser. Decorate the walls with inexpensive hats or cutouts shaped like hats. Look for tiny hat-shaped bowls to fill with snacks and drinks.

  10. Jungle Babys

  11. For a roar of a party, have your guests dress in jungle attire. Each can choose from tropical or animal print clothing. For more fun, have them arrive in advance and do jungle girl makeup on each other for a “tribal feel.” Play congo-style music as they walk the catwalk, and use big paper lantern style hanging lights for decor. Snack on nuts and fruits. Cut out big tropical leaves from construction paper to scatter on the floor as your runway.

Original Source: eHow by Kathy Deringer, eHow Contributor


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